The benefits of having a mobile ATM at your event are tremendous. Cash carries several advantages over credit, which can make your event more successful, rewarding and profitable.

  • Studies have shown that 80% of cash dispersed from an event ATM is used at the event.

  • When people have to leave an event to get money, they most often don’t return.

  • Smaller niche vendors (which are the lifeblood of specialty events) often times won’t accept credit card transactions because the associated fees would be detrimental to their business.

  • Fees of having an ATM at your event are easily sponsored by banks looking for greater exposure, making ATMs deployed by Mobile ATM services free to you.

  • When people have cash on hand, they are psychologically predisposed to spend it.

  • Create an Experience to Remember

Recent studies have shown that people find their purchase experience more fulfilling and rewarding when they use cash in the transaction instead of credit. When people walk away feeling good about their overall experience, you’ve made your event more successful and are guaranteed continued support for your cause.


Consumer spending trends show evidence of people relying more on cash during these economically challenging times. People who are cautious with their money will spend cash more readily than charging an item on their credit card. Since successful events are reliant on what people spend at the event the overall event is more profitable when patrons have easy access to cash.

Events that benefit from mobile ATM placement:

  • Wine/Beer Festivals

  • Food Festivals

  • Festivals of all Kinds

  • State & County Fairs

  • Marathons

  • NASCAR Events

  • Concerts

  • Sporting Events

  • Expos

  • Trade Shows

  • Motorcycle Rally


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